"Urban Oasis Show" Hosted by The Wine Crush

I am proud to announce that selections from my Urbanica Series are now on display at The Wine Crush at 3131 E. Broadway Ave, Long Beach, CA  90803. This venue is a real gem in an up and coming neighborhood. My exhibit is titled the "Urban Oasis Show" as the outdoor tasting area at the The WIne Crush is truly an oasis! 

I will be at the store in person on Thursday, July 19, from 4–8pm doing some live cityscape painting during the "2nd Annual Gourmet Food Truck Event On Broadway" which also runs from 4–8pm. It's a huge, super fun event with first class gourmet food and supports all the local shops in the community. 

Come join us for this summer celebration on July 19 from 4–8pm, or stop by any time you might be in Long Beach to check out some truly unique wines and some city-inspired art.

The Wine Crush Hours:  Tues - Wed: 12pm – 7pm | Thurs – Sat: 12pm – 9pm | Sun: 12pm – 6pm | Mon: Closed

LA Skyline, Dawn No. 2 | Acrylic on canvas | 17 x 36"

With The Wine Crush team...Owner Adam Crawshaw and Sales Manager Hillary Herrmann

This courtyard is amazing, and you can bring or order in any food you like to pair with the wines!

A mix of 8x10", 16x20" and 18x24" urbanscapes are up on the line.
Original paintings and limited edition Giclee prints available.

The work went up quickly thanks to the help of artist and friend Fabrice Spies