Euro Tour :: Berlin

Impressions of Berlin from behind the Wall.

2nd Night in Berlin. Saw an incredible projection show at AND ON the Brandenburg Gate.

Ghost Behind The Wall / Moritzplatz U-Bahn Station
Potsdamer Platz #1. From cold war dead zone to bustling light zone.
Potsdamer Platz #2
Potsdamer Platz #3
Potsdamer Platz #4. Festival of Lights.
On the Spree River. 4AM.
Berlin Random #1. Welcome to Alexanderplatz.
Berlin Random #2. Impromptu rock concert & dance hall. 
Berlin Random #3
Berlin Random #4
Berlin Random #5
Berlin Random #6
Off Augustrasse.
Holocaust Memorial. 
Snapshots of the building entry and inner courtyards of the flat I rented in Berlin.