Euro Tour :: Spain, Part III (Barcelona Edition)

Following my stay in Split, I caught a flight to Barcelona. Very interesting place, and unlike the other parts of Spain in look, feel, attitude. The weather was not great, so limited my access somewhat, but found a few windows to see the Cathedral, Montjuic Park with great panoramic city and Mediterranean views, and the Sagrada Familia (which I'll post separately). Enjoy!

"La Seu" or the Catedral de la Santa Creu.
Catedral Random #1
Catedral Random #2

Catedral Rooftop #1. I got up here late afternoon, and in spite of the wind and chill,
hung out till the sun went down. So worth it. 
Catedral Rooftop #2.
Catedral Rooftop #3.

Catedral Rooftop #4.
Catedral Rooftop #5. Brilliante Barcelona
Catedral Rooftop #6. Dusk.
This panorama is the inspiration for my oil painting in progress, "Barcelona No. 1".
La Seu by Night.
Barcelona Random #1
The Sagrada Familia from Montjuic.
The Mediterranean from Montjuic
Barcelona Random #4. Sculpture atop Montjuic overlooking the Mediterranean.
Moltes gracies, Barcelona!
The unique clouds above Castell de Montjuic.
This view inspired my painting, Aero No. 25