Doing it live at the Los Angeles Art Show

I spent last Saturday at the Los Angeles Art Show. I saw many inspiring things, and took advantage of an adult painting workshop hosted by local artist Davyd Whaley ( His style is very different from mine so I wanted to see what could happen in that environment and with his direction. My mission was to re-purpose and re-envision David Hockney's iconic painting "Mulholland Drive" into a unique, mixed media work of original art. So, without further delay, here's what happened:

The source, a postcard with a copy of "Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio" by David Hockney
I cut up the Mulholland postcard into smaller, colorful parts and armed with those, acrylic paints,  color pencils, and 1 hour,  went for it!
Getting messy, and couldn't be happier!
Doing it live!
The clock is ticking...
And voila!
"Mulholland Under Construction"
Mixed media collage
14 x 11"