The Newest Collectors of Reyes Fine Art!

I'm happy to report there was a real buzz about my exhibit, "Cities & Skies: Travel-Inspired Art", at the show in Culver City on Sep 21-22. Who doesn't love to travel and see exciting new destinations and stare dreamily out the airplane window en route. In fact, interest was so strong...

Laurie D. purchased "LA Skyline (Night), No. 2" for her husband Craig. It came down to this one and another large LA Skyline painting but the color and proportions of this piece fit their Culver City home perfectly.
"LA Skyline (Night), No. 2" on display its one and only time.
The painting is home!
Laurie + Craig = Happy Couple = Happy Artist!

Congratulations to Lorilynn F. of Los Angeles for her choice of "Aero 2013.12 (Prelude)" which is the first study of my Aero Series to be painted entirely in oil using only a palette knife.

Lorilynn with "Aero 2013.12 (Prelude)"
And last but not least, thanks to Rolin I. of Atlanta (not pictured, though his painting is lower right below) for his purchase of "Madrid No. 1 (Study)" A potent oil painting capturing the sunset over Madrid, Spain inspired by photos I took on a trip there last October.

We LOVE red dots!