The Launch of A New Mexico Cloudscape (Part II)

I've made big strides with the drawing and underpainting for my biggest oil painting to date, "Aero No. 28". Even when working fast, the size of the painting itself makes the process "feel" slower. It's all about scale and doubling the size of the project often, and certainly in this case, more than doubles the work. 
Drawing. Generally getting the proportions and movement of the clouds in the right place.
Not quite the brand I'd use on the asphalt playground as a kid, but soft chalk pastels got things going nicely on this painting.
Acrylic paint underpainting. Giving me some tonal values to guide the application of the oil paint  in the next round.
The acrylic underpainting palette for this step of the painting.
Max painting reach achieved. Big chip brushes help me get a lot of coverage with the acrylics at this stage.
Underpainting Stage | "Aero No. 28" | 70" x 47"
I'm having a lot of fun getting face to face with a painting this big on the wall.