Euro Tour :: Split

Following Berlin, I flew to Split, Croatia, the birthplace of my paternal grandmother. I spent 6 days there touring all around the city, and meeting my 2nd cousins Silvana Blašković and Zoran Marinković. They were great hosts and added more pieces to the puzzle of my family history and heritage.

A great sunset on the Adriatic is coming.
Sunset on (the model of) Split.

Diocletian's Palace by Night

Mediterranean Style. Outside Diocletian's Palace my first night in Split.
With Silvana Blaskovic, the granddaughter of my great Uncle, Giordano, at the Arheoloski Mujez Split.
A pile of Roman urns in a corner. Arheoloski Mujez Split.
At dinner with Silvana and Zoran Marinkovic, the grandson of my great Aunt, Albina.
My great Aunt, Albina, and great Uncle, Giordano, walking the Riva Promenade.
The Riva Promenada, Today. The Heart of Split.
Hotel Bellevue.
Split Random #1.
Split Random #2. 

The statue of Grigur Ninski (Gregory of Nin) by Ivan Mestrovic at the Golden Gate. Rub the toe for good luck!
Silver Gate.
Three Step Split Sunset.
Split from Marjan Forest.
The view from the "front porch" of the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery where he lived and worked.
Adam by Ivan Mestrovic. 
Pieta by Ivan Mestrovic.
Hvala lijepa, Croatia!