The Launch of A New Mexico Cloudscape (Part I)

This week I embark on a journey to create the largest oil painting I've attempted to date.

Am I ready? Yes. Feeling some trepidation? Um, yeah. Curious to see what happens next? You bet!

Here are some shots of me prepping the raw birch panel for conversion into a big, beautiful, cloud-filled Aeroscape.

The Source: An Afternoon of Dynamic Clouds Over Santa Fe
Sanding the 47" x 70" birch panel that will be the foundation for Aero No. 28
Applying the final coat of tinted Liquitex Gesso to the panel.
Primed and on the wall. The beginning of Aero No. 28 (Santa Fe Cloudscape) 
A little grid help to help keep the drawing on point. I am pretty precise with the prep, the drawing, the paint color mixing, BUT…once the paint starts to hit the panel, it becomes an expressive, liberating free-for-all.

Head In The Clouds at "Sky: A National Juried Exhibition"

I was honored to be one of over 75 artists selected to exhibit a piece from my Aero Series at the Bedford Gallery in picturesque Walnut Creek, CA. The opening was Sunday, March 9th and the crowd of sky lovers was out in full force for the gala!

What a great space and tremendous crowd!

Closing in on my painting...
Loved the tableaux they created with these pieces. My painting,  "Aero No. 8", is on the lower left.
Rachel capturing the moment :) 
Was thrilled to meet family living in the East Bay for the very first time at the show (From L-R: David,  Rick, Maria, Mark, and little Marky) 
So proud to be part of this excellent show. 
Such great interpretations and techniques to capture the beauty and majesty of the skies. Congratulations to all the artists, the jurors, and the Bedford Gallery for a first class event.

And The Winner of the Reyes Travel Photo Challenge Is…

There was not A winner, but TWO winners of the Reyes Travel Photo Challenge, a social media event (#reyestravelart) where fans submitted work that I would ultimately paint. For their trouble? Oh nothing, just a free print of the winning image on canvas. After a hiatus, and with many more new fans, maybe it's time to host the Reyes Travel Art Challenge, Part II?
A print of one of the winners, "Aero No. 33 (Mountainscape)", just before shipping to its new owner, Carole K.


In April, I invited readers of my newsletter, followers on Instagram, and fans on Facebook to the Reyes Fine Art "Travel Photo Challenge". The winner of the contest would get a free print reproduction of an original artwork I create based on travel-inspired photos they shoot and submit. The artwork I create will become welcome additions to my "Aero Series" ( 

The response was overwhelming and it was so much fun fielding your questions and seeing the photos roll in to my inbox! Here's a visual look at my process to go from 60+ submission to a winner:
On the first pass, I was able to narrow 60+ photos down to these 30 images. Decisions, decisions!
Getting from 30 to these 6 was incredibly challenging. I was focusing on colors that suit my Aero Series palette, and dynamic compositions. So many could have made the top 6!
After narrowing down to the 6 semifinalists, I took a week to think things over. Ultimately, it was impossible to pick only one winner, so I chose TWO! I loved the sculptural feel and abstract quality of Carole's aerial mountainscape and the effect of the light hitting the irregular shapes in Jay's cloudscape. Congratulations to Carole, Jay and all who participated.