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Inside The Artist Studio: Howard Gladstone

Meet Howard Gladstone (

Howard is a talented painter, sculptor and filmmaker. His current studio is located at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Of all the artists I know, I have known him the longest. He was the monitor of my first sculpture class at the Art Student's League of NY in January 2001. He was as generous then as he is now with his knowledge. And patient. Very patient...especially with a fledgling sculptor like me who had no shortage of questions as I was just starting my creative journey.

Howard's use of color in his landscapes…vibrant, striking hues, is remarkable.
Howard's Studio. Artist John Chandler stopped by for a visit, too.
Hard to believe it was almost 13 years ago that Howard helped me get started. Many thanks for that and the visit! 
Hopping the N Train back to Manhattan.

Inside The Artist Studio: David Kenneth Gordon

Meet David Gordon (

David's studio is on Riverside Drive in the Upper West Side. We met at the International School of Art in Umbria, Italy during the summer of 2001 and have kept in touch ever since. Classically trained, David is still investigating and pushing the envelope of the tools (and now technologies) available to artists today.

Some day I want a display wall like this one!
Getting to learn more about his iterative printing/drawing/painting process.
In his element! A great studio space.
A studio visit and lunch with David Gordon is a must anytime I'm in NYC!

Inside The Artist Studio: David Keeton

Meet David Keeton. His studio is in Midtown on 31st Street. He shared a project that really blew my mind. Incredibly, he figured out a way to draw an intricate line pattern across 8 sheets of paper that measures 1 kilometer long if you straightened it out.

David, with one of the 1K drawings. Not sure what it is? Please look closer...
Zooming in...
Close up. The impetus/concept behind this, and how he figured out HOW to execute it, literally blew my mind. 
Color introduced into the black and white concepts he has been developing. 

On Madison Ave with David Keeton.