A Night At The (Norton Simon) Museum

I spent an enjoyable Friday night with good friends at the incredible Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, CA. In my opinion, it is the crown jewel of all the Southern California museums. A real treat, and below are some of the highlights of the night!

An incredible array of art in this room alone: Picasso, Diebenkorn, Naguchi, Moore, Hepworth, Rivera, Giacometti,  to name a few!
Degas Dancers
19th Century Clouds
Looking...always looking. Finding the colors used in German Expressionist Emile Nolde's "The Sea I", my favorite piece at the Norton Simon Museum.
A bronze by Henry Moore.
Best portrait in the museum? This one, "Uncle Dominique" by Cezanne. 
The collection of Asian and Indian sculpture is unrivaled. We all spent a lot of time hanging out down here. 

Thanks David, Karen, Bill, and Rachel for a fantastic evening!