los angeles art show

Doing it live at the Los Angeles Art Show

I spent last Saturday at the Los Angeles Art Show. I saw many inspiring things, and took advantage of an adult painting workshop hosted by local artist Davyd Whaley (www.davydwhaley.com). His style is very different from mine so I wanted to see what could happen in that environment and with his direction. My mission was to re-purpose and re-envision David Hockney's iconic painting "Mulholland Drive" into a unique, mixed media work of original art. So, without further delay, here's what happened:

The source, a postcard with a copy of "Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio" by David Hockney
I cut up the Mulholland postcard into smaller, colorful parts and armed with those, acrylic paints,  color pencils, and 1 hour,  went for it!
Getting messy, and couldn't be happier!
Doing it live!
The clock is ticking...
And voila!
"Mulholland Under Construction"
Mixed media collage
14 x 11"

Looking & Playing at the Los Angeles Art Show 2013

I spent the afternoon last Saturday at the Los Angeles Art Show and had a great time! Saw many cool, inspiring works of art AND participated in an adult painting session hosted by the talented Davyd Whayley (will post separately). Some scenes from the day for you in case you couldn't make the show.

Roaming the halls...
Baldessari's entry in the "Letters from Los Angeles" exhibit.
 "R" is for Robot.
I saw the work (pictured) of friend and painter John Brosio (www.johnbrosio.com) at the show. Before looking at the actual title of this piece, I studied the "protagonists" depicted in the painting and exclaimed "corporate jerks" in response to their suit and suitcase invasion of the moon (having been a former "suit" myself over a decade ago). What was the actual title of the painting? You guessed it: "Jerks"!!! Still laughing about that.
"Jerks" by John Brosio (www.johnbrosio.com) at the Arcadia Gallery booth (www.arcadiafinearts.com)
A jerk in "Jerks" by John Brosio. He has all the skill of the great masters coupled with a biting, satirical wit.
All goofing around aside, this is incredibly carved from a single piece of marble! It was created by Santa Barbara sculptor Bela Bacsi and on display at the American Legacy Fine Arts booth.