The Newest Collectors of Reyes Fine Art

New work as well as some Reyes Fine Art old favorites made strong impressions at the "Affair of the Arts" on June 7-8 in Culver City. Special acknowledgement and thanks to my newest collectors, Linette and Jaimie (pictured below)!

An urbanscape over Manhattan inspired by a night excursion to the top of the Empire State Building and featuring the Chrysler Building
Linette with "New York No. 4 (Empire)"
An aerial view from a flight to Chicago featuring the tributaries of a river flowing into a lake.
"Aero No. 4 (Tribulation)" greets visitors to Linette's beautiful condo.
It was meant to be! The colors of "Aero No. 31 (MIA->MAD)" complemented the decor perfectly.
Jaime and me with "Aero No. 5 (Crop Circles)". I'm honored to have one of the very first Aeroscapes added to her collection of local artists and Mid-Century Modern style.

LA Artist Takes Manhattan

Meet Kelly Reemtsen (

I've known Kelly, a Los Angeles-based artist, since 2004. She exemplifies the working artist life and has been a role model and inspiration for my art career.

I was thrilled to find out that her latest show, "America's Sweetheart", opened at the De Buck Gallery ( at the same time I was visiting NYC. So proud of her and in awe of Kelly's productivity, the quality of the concept of her series, and the execution of the paintings themselves. See for yourself…

Busy night at De Buck in Chelsea on a chilly Manhattan night!
With my date, Rachel! :) We're both huge fans of Kelly's work. 
Up close, you'd swear she paints with frosting. 
Catching up with the star of the show and friends.
My personal favorite. That orange…amazing!