mixed media

Reyes Artwork Out In The World!

I wanted to share some great news about the newest collector of Reyes Fine Art. My friend Alex Jimenez recently finished a complete remodel of a great home in Los Angeles. He, along with his interior designer Herminia Mercado, selected four cityscapes to complement the color scheme and contemporary interior they put together. Some pictures of the work and the installed art are presented here, and you can check out the entire series at this link: The Urbanica Series

Selections from the Urbanica Series that Alex chose.
Alex and his new art:
"Los Angeles No. 4" and "Los Angeles No. 5"

Alex is an expert in real estate, specializing in helping clients through the short sale process.  If you're in need of this kind of assistance in greater Los Angeles, he's your man. See zerodeficiencyjudgment.com for more info.
They fit perfectly!
In The Kitchen:
"Los Angeles No. 1 (Polychrome)"
"New York No. 1 (Polychrome)"

Alex and his interior designer liked the way the lime green in the paintings complemented the accent color on the ceiling of the kitchen. The black mats and frames matched the color of his cabinetry, too. A perfect fit!

Doing it live at the Los Angeles Art Show

I spent last Saturday at the Los Angeles Art Show. I saw many inspiring things, and took advantage of an adult painting workshop hosted by local artist Davyd Whaley (www.davydwhaley.com). His style is very different from mine so I wanted to see what could happen in that environment and with his direction. My mission was to re-purpose and re-envision David Hockney's iconic painting "Mulholland Drive" into a unique, mixed media work of original art. So, without further delay, here's what happened:

The source, a postcard with a copy of "Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio" by David Hockney
I cut up the Mulholland postcard into smaller, colorful parts and armed with those, acrylic paints,  color pencils, and 1 hour,  went for it!
Getting messy, and couldn't be happier!
Doing it live!
The clock is ticking...
And voila!
"Mulholland Under Construction"
Mixed media collage
14 x 11"

3 Paintings in 3 Acts

In July 2012 I began a new series of paintings featuring cloudscapes, skyscapes, and terrascapes. The entire body of work completed through September 2012 can be seen at The Aero Series / Sep 2012.

The photos below show the evolution of the most recent of these paintings, a triptych titled "Aero No. 12". Click on each photo to see the 3 stage process up close. Thought it would be an interesting way to see how this particular set of paintings developed into their finished state in the fourth photo image at the end.

Aero No. 12 (Triptych)
Mixed media on paper
26 x 78" (Each 26 x 26")