oil pastel

New York City Art Explorations / 2010

Always looking! In the Greek/Roman marbles at the Metropolitan.

This whole area used to be the cafeteria...now bringing out some impressive sculptures like this one of a youthful Hercules.

I draw this same sculpture every time I visit the Met! I'd like to have one.

Looks like Napoleon shot a cannonball thru this one when he occupied Egypt.

A closeup from a Hockney in the Modern wing of the Met. He grows on me more and more every time I see his work.

A view from a bench in Union Square, and reference for the little abstract sketch below...

"Union Square" / Oil pastel and ink on paper / 4 x 6"

"Danse (I)" / Matisse / Museum of Modern Art

"After Matisse Danse (I)" / Ink and whiteout on paper / 6 x 8". I approached this one by trying to draw the shapes in between the figures and their limbs instead of trying to draw the figures.

Background: Robert Motherwell's "Elegy to the Spanish Republic" at MOMA
Foreground: "After Motherwell's 'Elegy to the Spanish Republic' " / Oil pastel and whiteout on paper.
(The gentleman taking a closer look at the original had been sitting next to me for about 15 minutes as I was tackling this drawing. Not sure why, but love how this photo captures me working, an inspiring painting, and a patron in a great museum at the same time.)

Painting Raffle Winner Matt Ramage!

I hand-delivered my painting "Kanehoe Bay - View with Trees" to the office of Matt Ramage of eMarketed today. Matt was the winner of a raffle held at my most recent open studio show and the prize was this piece painted en plein air on the shores of Oahu in 2005.

Congratulations, Matt! Join me at my next one (later in 2010) and you'll have a chance to win an original Reyes, too!