The Clouds Open Up At "The Sky Show"

"The Sky Show" marks my first exhibition in New Mexico since relocating here last year. The show opened April 1 and runs through May 4 at one of Santa Fe's most popular establishments, Counter Culture Cafe. The show features 27 cloudscapes, skyscapes, and aerial views of all colors and sizes in a variety of media.

Huge thanks to Counter Culture owner, Jason Aufrichtig, for the opportunity to get my feet wet in the Santa Fe art scene and to all the friends and new collectors who supported the show. Special thanks to my wife, Rachel, for her tireless belief in me and my work. Scenes from Opening Night (including 8 red dots!) are here for your viewing pleasure.

This place is bustling pretty much every day and it happens to be my favorite restaurant in Santa Fe!

The feature walls of "The Sky Show"

Me with Counter Culture owner, Jason, and the latest addition to his art collection, Aero No. 13

Olivia and Vicki checking out the skies!

Rachel and me. :)

3 Paintings in 3 Acts

In July 2012 I began a new series of paintings featuring cloudscapes, skyscapes, and terrascapes. The entire body of work completed through September 2012 can be seen at The Aero Series / Sep 2012.

The photos below show the evolution of the most recent of these paintings, a triptych titled "Aero No. 12". Click on each photo to see the 3 stage process up close. Thought it would be an interesting way to see how this particular set of paintings developed into their finished state in the fourth photo image at the end.

Aero No. 12 (Triptych)
Mixed media on paper
26 x 78" (Each 26 x 26")