The Launch of A New Mexico Cloudscape (Part I)

This week I embark on a journey to create the largest oil painting I've attempted to date.

Am I ready? Yes. Feeling some trepidation? Um, yeah. Curious to see what happens next? You bet!

Here are some shots of me prepping the raw birch panel for conversion into a big, beautiful, cloud-filled Aeroscape.

The Source: An Afternoon of Dynamic Clouds Over Santa Fe
Sanding the 47" x 70" birch panel that will be the foundation for Aero No. 28
Applying the final coat of tinted Liquitex Gesso to the panel.
Primed and on the wall. The beginning of Aero No. 28 (Santa Fe Cloudscape) 
A little grid help to help keep the drawing on point. I am pretty precise with the prep, the drawing, the paint color mixing, BUT…once the paint starts to hit the panel, it becomes an expressive, liberating free-for-all.