Head In The Clouds at "Sky: A National Juried Exhibition"

I was honored to be one of over 75 artists selected to exhibit a piece from my Aero Series at the Bedford Gallery in picturesque Walnut Creek, CA. The opening was Sunday, March 9th and the crowd of sky lovers was out in full force for the gala!

What a great space and tremendous crowd!

Closing in on my painting...
Loved the tableaux they created with these pieces. My painting,  "Aero No. 8", is on the lower left.
Rachel capturing the moment :) 
Was thrilled to meet family living in the East Bay for the very first time at the show (From L-R: David,  Rick, Maria, Mark, and little Marky) 
So proud to be part of this excellent show. 
Such great interpretations and techniques to capture the beauty and majesty of the skies. Congratulations to all the artists, the jurors, and the Bedford Gallery for a first class event.

3 Paintings in 3 Acts

In July 2012 I began a new series of paintings featuring cloudscapes, skyscapes, and terrascapes. The entire body of work completed through September 2012 can be seen at The Aero Series / Sep 2012.

The photos below show the evolution of the most recent of these paintings, a triptych titled "Aero No. 12". Click on each photo to see the 3 stage process up close. Thought it would be an interesting way to see how this particular set of paintings developed into their finished state in the fourth photo image at the end.

Aero No. 12 (Triptych)
Mixed media on paper
26 x 78" (Each 26 x 26")