In the studio and in his element

About The Artist

Bradley's artistic journey began in 2001 while living in New York City. Following a 10 year career in Corporate America, a series of life-altering events re-awakened him to the creativity of his youth and his love of making things.

He studied figurative sculpture in New York and Italy in 2001–2002. Bradley moved to Los Angeles in 2003 until relocating to his new home and studio in Santa Fe, NM in 2015. Though a sculptor by training, Bradley is a self-taught painter exploring new techniques in acrylics and oils featuring his favorite subjects of cities, skies, and scapes.

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About The Work

Travel and exploration are the heart and soul of Bradley's art work featuring his favorite Cities | Skies | Scapes. Inspired by countless trips and thousands of photos of exciting city and rural destinations across the country and around the globe, he's dedicated himself to turning the best of these into unique artworks for your enjoyment.